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Professional development, development, production, sales of plastic machinery and equipment of the modern enterprise

LAIWU JUJI PLASTIC MACHINERY CO., LID. Professional research, development, production and sales of plastic machinery and equipment modernization enterprise. It brings together professional talent to be creative and hardworking.

Over the years, has always been technology-based, market-oriented, with its superb technology, processes, and efficient products, perfect service has won the trust of our customers, which has been in the field of plastic machinery market to grow and develop……

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品质优良 , 全员保证 ; 持续改进 , 精益求精
Round Dripper Pipe Line
Inline Flat Drippers
Three-Layer Co-extruding Traction Rotation Blown Film Machine
PE Heat Shrink Film Blowing Line
PE Wrap Film Blowing Line
Greenhouse Film Blowing Line
Flat Drip Tape
single wing labyrinth drip belt making machine
Round Drip Irrigation Pipe Production Line
Flat Drip Tape Line